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Dear Sears/To whom it may concern

Ref: Sears auto center,Plantation,fl

Today,Tuesday,August 21,2012,between 2-3PM, I went to sears for my battery checkup, I was told that I had Di hard Gold (7 year warranty)which is currently not available,it was under my wife name and old phone number ( ) I asked for to add new phone number and correct last name he replace with my name. after checking with manger the initial tech told me that he will replace with 1 and half warranty one they have in stock with no extra charge and same warranty and he did.

I asked for my replacement document and initial tech and another one name Joseph said i have to pay $ 61 dollar for the replacement battery to get the receipt .I explained to him it was freely replaced and he did it after checking with manger and took half and hour, the new tech told me he did mistake,I have to pay $61 or I can go with out replacing document.

I asked for the manger,he told me he in not in office and you have to wait,not know how long it will take.

I kept waiting and then Assistant manger "Randy Windloss" came in and even without asking me he said pay $61 or he is going to put back my old battery. when I try to explained he said let me first void the transaction, he did and instead of resolving he tech mistake told Josef to put back my old battery and run to his office.

After one and half hour wasting my time It was really horrible, I got "the worst customer service" I kept my self calm and ask his name card and

on top of it while they put back my old battery my Audio and Security system disabled which is still not working.

I can not explain more than this,It was just a pain , unbearable experience which I never had from sear or even other store before.

I hope by contacting you this issue will be resolved, and I will continue to provide you with my feedback in future


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