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Sears Auto Center insisted that alignment and TMPS (?) kit was a required cost of installing tires. I made it very clear that I only wanted what was absolutely required and nothing additional. The clerk insisted that this was part of the required costs.

After stepping outside the store, i spoke to a friend who said this was not true so i went back 15 minutes after dropping off my car and told the clerk that i did not want this service. He cancelled the alignment but said the kit had been and made me pay $88 for it.

I went back out and called customer service and explained the whole deal, told them that my car was at the auto center and they were replacing the tires, but that i was upset at the underhand tactics. The CS Rep was friendly and told me they would look into the matter and take care of it for me.

At this point I went back to the store, to pick up my car, paid the amount (since CS was "looking into it" for me) and left

When i got home, i had an apology letter from Sears Customer Service and an email saying that my order was cancelled and that they would refund the full amount. I called CS again and told there had been a mistake and that all i wanted refunded was $88. I was told at the time that it was okay and they would take care of it.

15 days later, there is no refund, no follow up from CS and now they tell me that i need to get the refund directly from the store and its not their concern.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Auto Center Tire Replacement.

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