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DO NOT BUY AT SEARS... they will put on the WRONG tires and will not honor warranty! Because of the unbelievable bad faith and attitude by the manager Fred (the only person I ever spoke to regarding the tire problem) I told him I was going to record the conversation. This happened at the sears auto center in Arrowhead Mall in Glendale Arizona.

The manager Fred, refused to honor the tire warranty, refused to look at the paperwork from honda stating the tire was not only defective and the belt was falling apart but it was the WRONG tire they put on my car! Ted refused to get upper management on the phone, refused to inspect the car, refused to talk to the service manager at arrowhead honda (who told me to call him if sears gave me problems). I recorded everything, he even told me it was not safe for me to drive my car but told me I had to leave and even had security come and tell me that if I did not leave I would be arrested for trespassing, all because he refused to get upper management on the phone. I was never unruly or loud or anything that would warrant having security tell me to leave.

I have the recording, the pictures and the paperwork that proves all this. So I was told it was unsafe to drive my car but FORCED to leave under threat of being arrested and speaking to ANY OTHER PERSON at sears regarding this matter was REFUSED to me. Apparently I have to wait 24-48 hrs for the district manager (Tom Burke) to call me back, meanwhile I had to immediately have Honda put 2 new front tires to replace the DEFECTIVE sears tires. I will provide the pictures, the recording and the written documentation provided by honda that proves sears put on wrong tires on my car, refused to honor their warranty, refused to let me talk to anyone but "Fred" and forced me to leave.

OUTRAGEOUS. If sears does not refund the money I paid for the wrong tires I will not limit myself to complaining to the social media.

I will be forced to provide the evidence to the Attorney General, District Attorney, BBB and ANY other agency regarding this matter. The fact they put the wrong tires on my car has actually put me at risk of blowouts and serious accidents!!!

This reviewer shared experience about "all of the above, they put the wrong tires on my car and then refused to honor the warranty of the defective tires that fell apart" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $250. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sears Auto Center and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about sears auto center tire service from Sears Auto Center was bad customer service, defective tires and refuses to honor warranty Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Yeah I had a similar incident at Sears in Manassas Virginia bought 4 tires for my Ranger drive less than a mile Noticed a Wobble stopped looked at the tires 2 of the 4 had knots in the sidewalls went back right away and the service Writer tried to say no warranty because I had no

road hazard warranty on them. So at this point It got really ugly.

Little punk told me I hit something and damaged the tires drivers front Pass rear so I was told

I would have to leave or security would escort me off the property I said BRING IT ON. unarmed security officers have No arresting authority. So best they call the police. And if one of those so called security officers touched me I would treat it as Assult and react accordingly.

because I

wasn't leaving until this BS


So yes the police were called I explained what was going on AND the Officer commanded the Service Writer to get the Corporate manager on the Phone and the problem was resolved RIGHT THEN . It never should have gotten this far Ironically one of the 2 they replaced also had A visable Buldge In the Sidewall Before it ever came off the lift. AT THIS POINT I SAID *** NO UPGRADE ME AND DO IT AT NO CHARGE So I got 4 better tires at the same price.

That wee little rude service Manager Would not even look at me. THAT WAS SOME YEARS BACK And I have yet to step back into a Sears or NTW

to Anonymous #1046339

Good news... District Manager stepped in and took care of this situation to my complete satisfaction :)

to Anonymous #1046342

That is awesome the police helped out! Mine was finally resolved to my satisfaction , so I am now a happy customer...

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