Gold Diehard battery (3 years replacement/100 months prorated warranty) failing after 27 months. Had to jump car 7 times in last 3 months.

My auto mechanic tested battery cells and found a dead cell. But Sears says battery is fine (load tested after I had jumped it and ran it two hours) but Sears does not and cannot test cells. Sears says nothing wrong with battery. I cannot afford to be calling for roadside assistance every month.

So I wasted my money buying a Gold Diehard from Sears because I need a new battery, and it sure isn't going to be a Diehard from Sears.


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you wonder why sears is going out of business!!

to wolf #1576012

The internet which is killing other brick and mortar business?


Totally agree. Have a battery from them as well and their testers keep saying the battery is fine...

well according to me having to jumpstart my car every other day it is just not so... DO NOT GO TO SEARS! No wonder their failing.

Just a couple a rich weenies at the top taking the money... Oh well


Warranty replacement is more expensive than a new battery elsewhere after 5 years of a 100 month warranty. Associate tells me 100 month batteries are expected to fail after 6 years.

Cash refund of unused portion is denied. The reason I bought a battery for my daughter's car was peace of mind. 18 months ago they sent me away with an unreliable battery because it passed their test. But it was and still is a bad battery.

They don't care. Sears' days of bulletproof reliability and customer service are forever gone.

Huntington, New York, United States #1247230

Just went to Sears with a 2 yr 7 mth old battery ( gold diehard ) . I killed battery by leaving ignition on for 6 hrs .

After jumping and driving for 1 hr , battery was still weak crank . I took it to Sears they gave me a new battery after testing mine.

Class Act !! Very satisfied customer !

Antelope, California, United States #1245448

I paid a lot of money for a platinum battery from sears and which is still warranty but I lost my receipt. When I tried to return the battery sears told me there was nothing they could do because i lost my receipt.

Its a Platinum DieHard battery which only they sell but because I lost my reciept there is nothing they can do for me. They salesman I spoke to also told me that they had problems with the Platinum series batteries.

I didn't think Sears would just blow me off and not help with store credit or something.

Agoura Hills, California, United States #1240236

don't believe that I was there today , they didn't do anything they said that they won't do anything

Agoura Hills, California, United States #1240235

Same thing happened to me with diehard batteries they are the worst . They refused to return it since I lost my invoice.I bought it 9 months ago.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1192309

I am having similar situation. I am 2 1/2 years into 3 year warranty.

A die hard AGMG GP 34 is in my lexxus. I have had to have to jump the car about 4 times in last 6 mths. The last time AAA came out, tested the battery and alternator. They advised me that the alternator was fine and the battery would not hold a charge.

They would be happy to sell me a new battery but said that it would be under warranty if i had receipt and purchased it within 3 years. i did not turn off my car and drove it straight to sears. they indicated that they needed to test it themselves and it would be a while. 5 hours later, i called to check on it and they said they still needed a code for warranty from the machine testing it.

They called back 1/2 hour later and apologized that it would NOT be covered under the FULL warranty b/c a code could not be provided and that there was actually a crack in the case by the post and in the post coming out of the battery. They indicated that they have never seen such a thing, thought it was strange and wondered if it had been in a collision! NOPE. There was no corrosion on the battery, I have never taken the batter in or out of the car.

They said that I could buy a new battery from them so I would feel safe in the car and won't have to call for a jump again after I pick it up. I had to ask them "Why in the *** would I buy another battery from Sears when they would not stand behind their warranty". They had no good answers to any questions, it was like dealing with a government agency! I had already invested $$ in time spent taking my car to them, calling for updates, spending the day without a car, etc.

I should have just purchased a battery from the most helpful AAA serviceman.



Sears just told me it would be$ 19.99 to test my Gold Diehard when the battery indicator came on -- regardless of whether or not the battery is the problem. Also Sears only has ONE mechanic all day on SUNDAY?

So waiting 2+ hours for a battery check? NEVER USING SEARS AGAIN.

Walmart doesn't treat me this way and bad battery was replaced at Walmart

very quickly and under warranty at no charge.

Jefferson City, Missouri, United States #1046309

Same thing here! Sears will not honor their warranty on anything they sell! Was even told that it was up to the customer to SHOW proof of purchase because they don't keep records of what THEY sell.


I returned a battery (lawn tractor) that went dead four day later. I got a new battery with no questions asked. Thank you Sears.


Sears honored my 36 month gold diehard in minutes. Free replacement of my 33 month old battery in 10 minutes.

They didn't even test old one. Absolutely terrific

to Anonymous Jefferson City, Missouri, United States #1046310

Must be a Sears employee trying to convince people that Sears is not a rip off...

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #995922

I bought my gold hard battery from Sears On 5/24/09, had battery trouble and returned on 2/25/13 had to pay for replacement 53.00 and 10 for labor, today 6/15 battery trouble again really whats the point of Die Hard just go to Walmart they will replace battery at no charge!

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #914985

EXACT scenario .... Sears Admits electrical system in car is working fine.

They cooked the battery .. but would not replace the battery.


Just bought SEARS GOLD for 1999 Ford Explorer with new alternator an checked charging system. Battery didn't last 3 months off the shelf.

Now must stop my day & plans to service battery, took a whole day of charging on a SEARS CHARGER an 15 hours later battery still says WEAK on a 100 amp load tester. This is not what I expect after paying 159 and giving you a CORE EXCHANGE!!!


Sears does not care if they loose customers because Sears and K-Mart are going under.They will sell many things applances,clothes etc. and never let you return them.They are desperate for money and do not care if they *** over because they are trying to get what they can before they all close.Best not to shop there.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #816242

Sears auto suck

Wichita, Kansas, United States #812364

I had the same issue with this battery and received the same response from Sears Automotive. I wont ever purchase another battery from Sears.

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