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I took my car to sears to have tires put on it and they cracked two out of four rims. They tried to tell me that the crack was under the wheel weight where they couldn't see it and put JB Weld on the one.

The rims take strips not lead weights on the outside where the crack was And still deny it. The wheels are a few hundred bucks a piece so I ended up buying aftermarket wheels cheaper. When I went to pick up my vehicle they handed me the wrong paperwork and keys and on that paperwork it also said that customer had a cracked wheel as well. They broke off a tire pressure monitor sensor once before and said that it just wasn't working but they couldn't show me the part and it cost me about $100 to have fixed.

If I was smart I would have made that the last time I took my vehicle to sears. Is what really aggravates me is that the young arrogant guy that cracked my wheels stood there with an ignorant grin on his face denying it.

I chipped off the JB Weld and you can see where they had it on their machine and cracked it. I will never take another vehicle to Sears to have anything done to it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Auto Center Tire Replacement.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Went for service at Victor NY they did not know what they are doing. Waited waited no compensation. Just they are always right.


Sears should have, honored they're commitment, and replaced rims, and any other damage. No wonder, they had to merge with K-mart, to keep from going under. No surprise.

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