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On Oct. 10, 2015 my family arrived at Sears Auto Center in Evansville, IN to have our 2008 Buick Enclave CXL serviced before going on vacation. The appointment was for 4pm for an oil change, tire rotation, underhood courtesy check, and undercar courtesy check. While they were servicing our vehicle we walked over to the Sears store to do some shopping. We returned to the service center a little after 5pm and our Enclave was not finished so we waited there at the service center until it was done. After about 30 minutes we were told that we were ready to go. As we were being checked out and informed about the service on the Enclave it was brought to our attention that the battery tested low and would need to be replaced either today or sometime in the near future. We decided to wait on the battery replacement until after we returned from our vacation. We also asked if the air filter was looked at and we were told it was not looked at according to the paper work. The lady then went back and asked the tech about checking the air filter. When she returned we were told to pull around to the first bay and the tech would check the air filter before we left.


We walked out to the Enclave and I was getting in on the passenger front. When I opened my door and looked across to the driver side I noticed that there was oil/grease on my leather seat. Not only on the seat but everywhere the tech placed his hands and feet there was oil. On the steering wheel, the gear shift, all over the door, the carpet, the carpeted floor mat, the pedals, and the foot rest. This was just inside the Enclave. There was oil/grease on the hood, the front of the vehicle; every chrome wheel was covered, along with the door on the driver side, and anywhere else that the tech placed his hands. My husband walked back into the Service Center and told the lady at the desk the issue and she returned back with him and looked at the mess that was left behind by the tech. She then went and got some wipes and proceeded to clean up the inside of my vehicle. My husband wiped the oil off the front of the car and said that we would have to wash the outside tomorrow. The lady apologized for the mess and stated that there was suppose to be a paper mat placed on the floor and the tech was suppose to wash his hands before getting in the vehicle and driving it around. She stated that he was new and that he would be talked to about the incident. Once the inside was wiped off (not completely cleaned) we pulled around to the service bay to have the air filter checked. We pulled around to the bay and the lady from the desk was there and directed us into the bay. She had my husband pop the hood and she raised it. The tech was not there. We waited for him and he finally appeared. She checked that he had washed his hands before starting any work and he had. So now the tech and 3 other techs started to see what tool was needed to get the air filter cover off. After a few minutes they come up with make shift tools to remove the cover. Once they finally got the cover off and pulled the air filter out they showed it to us and said it had some trash (dirt, grass, leaves) on it and they could replace it but it was up to us. Then we were told by another tech standing there that they do not have those kinds of filters there and that they could not get one it was too late and they were closing. So my husband asked if they could blow it off with the air nozzle and just replace it. That is what they did. While the tech was trying to get the cover back on everyone else was closing up the shop. The tech got done closed up the hood and we backed out and left the Service Center. We drove across the parking lot and were turning out onto the street my husband noticed that he did not hear the turn signal clicking sound. So he tried the radio and no sound there. Needless to say everyone had left the Service Center and we could not return to let them know that something else was wrong. We had sound when we got there and now we don’t. The only thing we could figure is that when the battery was tested somehow a fuse must have been blown or the amp was blown. I tried calling the Service Center to see if there was a way to leave a message about the issue but there was no answering service or voicemail. So now we have to wait until Monday 10/12 to see what can be done. After we arrived home my husband proceeded to check the fuses and there was none blown. So this meant that the amp was blown. That means NO sound for anything in the Enclave. NO radio, signal sound, backup sensor sound, Onstar, door ding, key ding, or anything else that has a tone or sound. It all comes thru the speakers from the amp. Also, while looking under the hood he notices that there is oil spilled and smeared everywhere. Also, we were bewildered on how the tech tested the battery. The battery is NOT located under the hood it is in the floorboard of the second row. We KNOW the tech didn’t go thru the effort of checking it there. One because there was no oil/grease everywhere and also because you have to move the seat, remove a plastic guard, to get to the panel that has to be removed to even access the battery. The only thing we can determine is that however he did his check he shorted out the amp and caused it to blow.

On Monday 10/12 my husband calls Sears Service Center and speaks with the Auto Manager and told him the issues. He stated that we could bring the Enclave back in and they would check it out. If what they did to the car caused the amp to go out then they would fix it. We let him know that we were already behind schedule leaving for our trip and set up to come in on Saturday 10/17 to have it looked at.

Sounds good….NOT SO!!! My husband took the Enclave back to Sears and they checked and replaced the fuses for the audio/sound. Even though they stated it did not look like the fuses were blown. They could not come up with any other solution and stated that they would have to open a claim and would most likely the Enclave would need to be taken to another shop/dealership/mechanic and have it checked out further. He was also told that we would be getting a call from their claim service. Oh and there was oil on my floor mat and inside the car once again. My husband just cleaned it up when he got home. To upset to even go back in a deal with that issue again.

I received a call from Segwick ( a third party claim service) and spoke to Milca on 10/20 ( Claim # L1510175067). We went over the claim information and were informed that we would have to schedule an appointment for the Enclave to be checked out by another mechanic/dealership service center and to PROVE that Sears was the ones that caused the issue with the amp. She also could not tell me how the battery was checked out. She first told me that there is probably some code that needed to be reset since the battery cables were removed so the battery could be tested. I then informed her that I very much so doubt that was the issue because of where the battery is located and that the tech working on my vehicle could most likely not even tell me where the battery was located on the Enclave. She also stated it sounded like we have electrical issues with the Enclave and that was not their problem. I informed her that we had no issues with our Enclave when we arrived at the Service Center and now we do. She also stated that she didn’t see how an oil service and tire rotation could blow the amp. I then once again told her that it was not the oil change or the tire rotation it was the testing on the battery that was done. Needless to say the call was not pleasant or helpful. I was also told that it would be up to me to pay for the diagnostic testing and whatever other charges occurred for where I would take the Enclave to PROVE Sears blew the amp. Needless to say I still have NO sound and paying for XM Radio and OnStar services that I cannot use.




This reviewer shared experience about "blew my amp." and wants this business to "replace the amp in my enclave". watseka7 is overall dissatisfied with Sears Auto Center. The most disappointing about sears auto center under car and under hood courtesy check at Sears Auto Center was not fixing what they broke Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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