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An Associate named Perry, in the Auto Department of my local Sears located at Prince Kuhio Plaza of Hilo, Hawaii, was beyond rude to my girlfriend today when she came to the shop with my car at 3:30 p.m. PRIOR to having my car towed there, she talked to Perry over the phone and had explained the situation.

He simply told her to bring it in and he would look at it. If he had bothered to listen to my girlfriend, he would have known that there was a problem with the radiator and could have told her RIGHT AWAY that Sears does not do radiators. INSTEAD, my girlfriend had to use our 1 tow provided by our Auto Insurance to bring it down to the lot. After she arrived with my car, she met Perry in the Auto Department's office.

He then proceeded to SWEAR at my girlfriend, in front of my DAUGHTER, about the car and how they don't do radiators. I will be expecting a response from someone at Sears who can help my girlfriend with this issue, and I hope this "Perry" to no longer be a representative of Sears, where we have never had such horrible service prior. In fact, we took our car to Sears because we've HAD great service before.

But to have a PAID EMPLOYEE at ANY workplace swearing at any customer, especially to my girlfriend in front of my daughter, is simply F*CKED UP! I'm sure that is NOT what Sears pays their employees to do.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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But its ok for a *** like you to swear on the internet!! :x :x :x :x :x :x

to Anonymous Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #652031

Yes, it is, because (1) this forum is made to express my complaints in an informal manner, (2) I'm not being paid to perform internet etiquette, you troll. :p

to orion_galaxy #786436

This Perry guy sounds like a complete ***. I work at Sears auto center in NJ, and we sure do radiators.

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